Why is Microsoft Rolling Back a Major Security Feature

Security activists scored a huge victory in February.

In February, Microsoft made it clear that Office applications would be able to prohibit VBA macros on default. However, Microsoft has reverted to its original plan. Microsoft has reverted to the VBA macros block originally scheduled for release in June 2022, has been pushed back to an expected release date.

Macros let you automate tasks in Office applications. Macros can be used to fill in Excel spreadsheets by using datasets for instance. However, VBA macros can also be an important source of malware and phishing. They’re simply bits of code and are often shared with strangers online.

Microsoft started testing the use of a VBA block within their “Currents Channel” last April. The block stops the running of macros until they’ve been saved to an “trusted location” and manually signed by the user. However, Microsoft abruptly removed that block and cited feedback from users.

As per Wenjun Gong, a Program Manager at Microsoft The Microsoft company is expected to “provide another update when we’re ready to release again.” There’s a good possibility there’s a good chance that VBA macros blocks will come back into”the Office “Currents Channel” and eventually be made available to all users.

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