Robert Crimo is 22 year old lad who goes by the name 'Bobbie'

He is son of Bob Crimo a mayoral candidate who lost in 2019 election

His father owns a local hamburger shop which only runs via Uber Eats

Performed and released several self-made rap songs under the stage name 'Awake the Rapper'

"Awake the Rapper" is said to have released his first song in 2016

All his social media pages including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter have been removed over 'violations of platform's guidelines'

Robert was supporter of Trump and advocator of Guns

He posted somewhat violent imagery online

In one video title "Are you Awake" Robert sings...

I need to just do it.  It is my destiny

In different video "Toy Soldier", a stick figure is depicted lying down in a pool of blood.