The UK should immediately prohibit the use of facial recognition software live in public areas.

"We must not allow the use of biometric data to proliferate under inadequate laws and insufficient regulation"  - Mathhew Ryder QC mayor

The two-year study, led by a barrister who was the Former deputy mayor London Matthew Ryder, was ordered by the non-profit Ada Lovelace Institute in response to the increasing police and private usage of technology, like facial recognition in the UK

The review comes at a time when politicians and courts, regulators, as well as rights groups from all over the world have expressed concern about the use of biometric technology

Biometric data refers to all personal information pertaining to the body of an individual or their behaviour that includes fingerprints DNA, facial features and DNA as well as gait patterns, voice prints and scans of the iris

Companies like Microsoft as well as Amazon have imposed restrictions on their use of facial recognition as well as technology for reading emotions by law enforcement agencies