On January 10, 1999, the entire world was first introduced to Tony Soprano, the captain of a New Jersey-based criminal family who was suffering from panic attacks

"The Sopranos" came the right spot for certain Mafia members

Both crime members and FBI agents were fans of the show    - Screenwriter 'Terrence Winter'

Mafia Members could easily relate to the show's dialogues that they were suspicious that the show was actually stealing the ideas from them

Mafia members would frequently contact the cast members with suggestions

A Mafia person told James Gandolfini "A Don doesn't wear shorts" as a piece of advice

Other cast actors were frequently approached by crime families as fans

From 1960 to 1970 Tony Sirico was arrested 28 times for robbery, assault and other crimes

Other actors like Michael Squicciarini and Tony Darrow also had ties to organized crime