Samsung Electronics the world's leader in semiconductor technology, has announced it has started the production of its three-nanometer process node based on the GAA transistor technology.

Image: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

Samsung is currently at the top of the chart of semiconductor makers around the globe.

The company has already beaten its competitor TSMC in the race for silicon and has its sights at becoming the first manufacturer of 3nm chips in the world.

Samsung's proprietary technology makes use of nanosheets with larger channels, which allows for higher performance and a higher efficiency in energy use in comparison to GAA technology that uses nanowires with smaller channels.

First, the upcoming 3nm chipset manufactured by Samsung will use the Multi-Bridge Channel FET (MBCFET(tm)) Samsung's GAA technology, and for the first time.

Comparatively to 5nm processes, the first generation 3nm process can cut power consumption by as much as 45 percent, boost the performance by 23% and reduce surface by 16 percent

Though the production of Samsung's brand-new silicon has begun however, it's unlikely that we'll experience it in the coming Galaxy S23 lineup.

Samsung is investing a lot of money in its new GAA technology and is very positive about it.