Gas Prices are increasing steadily thanks to Russia-Ukraine War but your GPS app can help save money

Once your tank is topped off, there are ways to make it last a bit longer. Anyone can do this with the help of a GPS app

If you drive to the same few places most of the time, you likely don’t use your mapping app to tell you how to get there. You may use it to spot traffic and road closures or find a better route

Traffic isn't just frustrating; it's bad for fuel economy too. Every time you hit the brakes, you use more power to get the car moving again

How to plan the most efficient route in Apple Maps

– Open the Maps app and tap on the Search Maps field. – Type your destination and select it from the results. – Tap Directions, then tap Leaving Now. – Tap Leave at, select a date and time and then tap Done. – You can see the traffic, distance, and time for your trip. – Tap Go next to your desired route.

Save time and gas using Google Maps

– Open Google Maps and tap on the Search here field. – Enter a destination and select it from the results. – Tap Directions and then tap the three dots button to the right of the Your location field. – Tap Set depart or arrive time. – Select Depart at and enter a date and time, then tap Done. – You'll get various route options and details such as time and distance. – Select a route and tap Start.