Apple is expected to incur more costs as a result of global logistics and increasing salaried employees. There is also the possibility that customers will put off iPhone upgrade

China shuts down this year, linked to Covid-19, as well as other issues could result in an 8.8 billion revenue loss

CEO Tim Cook said We are facing some level of infaltion

When Apple was in a situation of inflation similar to this, its top-selling computer was called the Apple II home computer

Apple can also consume some of the costs, causing some of its margins and ensuring that prices remain stable in order to prevent a drop in demand

Tim stated that there are at the very least two areas where inflation is surfacing on the balance sheet of the business the operating expenses

Apple's margin is expected to decrease during the June quarter which will be between 42 percent and 43% Maestri stated. However, Apple's margins grew during the pandemic , and remain elevated on the basis of historical data