Samsung’s new 3nm Chip may increase power efficiency upto 45% and performance upto 23%

Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung’s new 3nm Chip may increase power efficiency upto 45% and performance upto 23%

Tech Giant Samsung has recently announced to begin mass production of 3nm GAA chips. These chips may be used inside smatphones processors.

Samsung is making these chips for Qualcomm which creates wireless tech, semiconductors, and baseband chips. Previosly Samsung was unsatisfied with the 4nm chip yield so they replaced there head of semiconductor.

These 3nm chips will come with high perfromance and low power computing.

TSMC and Samsung are contending for large multiyear orders from the likes of Apple and QualcommInc. 3nm mass product from the Taiwanese chipmaker will commence in the alternate half of the time, TSMC has said.

Samsung will produce 3nm chips at its Hwaseong installations and is anticipated to extend that product to its newest Pyeongtaek fab.

Samsung has used a different system to mass yield 3nm GAA chips, which involves using personal technology and nanosheets with wider channels.

This approach allows advanced performance and bettered energy effectiveness than GAA technologies using nanowires with narrower channels. GAA has optimized design inflexibility, allowing Samsung to bring in PPA( Power, Performance, and Area) benefits.

PanSemi will be the first Samsung customer to use, or at least trial- run, its 3nm foundry process, but it wo n’t be the only one.

Qualcomm also appears to be on the list of Samsung guests, which is intriguing, given the former company’s alleged station on Samsung as a foundry mate.

In February 2022, Qualcomm decided to cut orders for 4nm chips from Samsung due to poor yield and reportedly informed the company that it wo n’t bear 3nm chips, giving the bulk of orders to TSMC rather.

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