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How to Install 3rd party apps on LG Smart TV

LG and Samsung both are leaders in the TV market for overall TV quality and especially picture...

How to connect Phone To TV without WiFi

You cannot connect your phone to your smart TV wirelessly for screen mirroring without using the home Wi-Fi router. There is only...

Will a Smart TV work without Internet connection

Smart TV and OTT content is the new age. A smart TV allows us to stream video services like...

Difference between ChromeCast and a Smart TV

Back in time when we had normal dumb TVs and OTT content like Netlfix was still on the rise.

How to use TV as Monitor (Wired Solution)

When we look at a monitor and a LED TV. It seems so similar.  Both are screens one is...

HDMI vs Mini HDMI vs Micro HDMI

What is HDMI What is the difference between mini HDMI and micro HDMI  Let’s find