Do we need stabilizer for LED TV

If you live in India

Then you must be worried about the voltage fluctuations and power surge seen at times.

High voltage fluctuations and power surges can damage your home appliances including LED TV.

The internal circuit of your TV can fry making it non-functional.  

It can cost you a lot of money if your TV is bigger in size

Let’s see the cases when you may require a stabilizer for your TV

Modern LED TVs

TV’s do not require a stabilizer when voltage fluctuations are low and occur rarely.

Modern LED TVs have SMPS inside it that make the device work in a wide voltage range.

The range in which your TV can work is written on it like this below.

sony 32bx300 operational voltage

The image clearly shows this Sony TV can work in the range of 110-240 volt.

If the voltage in your area fluctuates inside your TV operating range then you don’t need a stabilizer.

However, if power fluctuations are very high then you need a stabilizer.

Inverter with UPS

If you have an inverter with UPS at home. 

And it supplies power to your TV in case of a power cut.

Then you do not need a stabilizer.

But if you have an inverter without UPS then you need a stabilizer

The UPS inside the inverter cuts off the main power supply in case of high fluctuations or a power cut and then the home appliances drive power from the battery of the inverter at a constant voltage.

Do note that you need to keep the inverter UPS ON while watching TV

Based on Locality

Voltage in developed cities like Delhi rarely or never fluctuates.

So you do not need a stabilizer in this case.

While you can still use it as a precautionary method.

However, if you live in tier-3 cities or villages then you definitely need a good stabilizer with surge protection.

Also if you live in an industrial area where the supply voltage is unpredictable and power can spike dangerously at certain times then you must get a stabilizer.

Stabilizer Alternative for LED TV – UPS

UPS are of two types – offline and online

The offline UPS are the normal ones which you may have seen with computers.

This can be used individually with your LED TV to protect it from power fluctuations.

During fluctuations, it cuts off the main supply and starts the battery supply to run the TV.

The online UPS is a little different from the normal UPS and is very costly.

And can supply power to different devices at the same time.

Also, it works as a bridge between the main power and appliance load.

All fluctuations get rectified and corrected before reaching any appliance.

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