Difference Between LED and LCD TV

lcd vs led tv

When we think of choosing a TV for ourselves. We stumble and confuse upon LED and LCD TVs. 

But this does not stop here, with the advancement in technology now we have OLED TV, QLED TV.

But wait wait, already LED and LCD have confused us and then these extra terms, so let us stick to our topic of LED vs LCD alone and forget about OLED, QLED, etc.

In this article, we will better understand the difference between LED and LCD

LCD and LED in scientific terms

Let’s first understand both in scientific terms. 

LCD stands of Liquid Crystal Display while LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

LCD is a flat panel used as a screen on a TV while LED is a lighting or a light source

LCD or LCD panel is used as a screen on various types of devices like a phone, TV, or monitor.

LED is just a simple light source that can produce colors like red, green, or blue. It can be used as a light bulb in your home


Now understanding the terms better we will use these terms in case of a TV.

In simple terms, a LCD TV is a TV with a LCD panel and fluorescent lighting as backlight while a LED TV is a TV with LCD Panel and LED lighting as backlight. 

This is the only single difference between them other than the advantages and disadvantages  

LCD TV = LCD Panel + fluorescent backlight

LED TV = LCD Panel + LED backlight

Now we can say a LED TV is also a LCD TV

A LED TV is the upgraded version of LCD TV.

Now let’s dive a little into the working of the technology

How does LCD or LED TV work?

Now the actual working is a little more complicated than the example given here. 

But for the time being. 

Imagine two flat surfaces one after another.

The front surface is an LCD panel or a screen having tons of liquid crystals on it.

The second surface is some light source. Light is emitted from the light source on the first surface(panel) 

The several blocks of crystals present on the first surface either block the light or allow it to pass through. This results in an image formed on the screen.

In the case of LCD TV, the second surface is of fluorescent lighting while in case of LCD TV the second surface is of LED lighting   

The use of fluorescent light is old technology while using LED light is better in many ways and you will find almost all TVs with LED lighting. 

Let’s look into the advantages LED TV has over LCD TV or LED lighting over fluorescent lighting.

LCD vs LED TV (Comparison)

Power ConsumptionMoreLess
Contrast RatioModerateHigh
Picture QualityModerateBetter
Viewing AnglesModerateBetter
Lighting UsedFluorescent LightingLED Lighting
TV ScreenMore ThickerSlimmer
Refresh RateLowerHigher

From this, we can clearly say that LED TV is far better than LCD TV

Which one to Buy

Now let’s come to the final judgement.

Which one to choose? Which one to Buy

Well, LCD TVs are discontinued and you will not find any LCD TV in the market.

All the TVs available are LED TVs or the higher variations OLED, QLED, AMOLED. 

So you have no choice to choose from. Buy any TV as all are LED TV.

Instead, you have to choose upon other factors like

Final Thoughts

This was all about the difference between both TVs

I tried to explain in a very simple manner which even a school kid can understand

I hope you found this post useful and informative. You may share this post with your friends to remove their confusion too.

If you still have any queries left. You may ask your question below

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