Best TV Wall Mounts in India

There are many benefits of wall mounting your TV instead of placing it on a table.

A desk mounted TV not only looks unpleasant but also takes up room space.

Wall mount consists of two things – mount and arm.

The mount is fixed to the wall for giving support. The arm is fixed to the TV backside which is then fixed or hung on the mount.

If you are looking to buy a wall mount for your TV then do check our wall mount guide before proceeding further.

This post brings you the best wall mount available on online portals in India.

1. Caprigo Heavy Duty Universal TV Wall Mount 

Best Fixed Wall Mount


  • Universal Fixed Wall Mount
  • Screen Size: 14-40 inch
  • Maximum Capacity: 25kg
  • Model: M452

This is a fixed TV wall mount from Caprigo. It is priced around ₹500/-

Fixed wall mounts are the simplest wall mount and so are cheaper too.

This is the cheapest option you can find for wall mounting your TV.

You will not have to worry about the compatiblity of your TV with this mount.

It is a universal wall mount meaning it can support all kinds of dimensions and all types of TVs available in the market.

A flat TV of 14 to 40 inch can be used with this mount. If you have a bigger size TV then check different wall mount in our list.

It can handle a maximum weight of 25kg, most of the TVs under 50 inch are below 15 kgs. 

It will easily take your TV’s load.

  • Simplistic Design
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Easy Installation
  • Supports all TVs
  • Long Lasting Product

2. ZIPP Z T 2252 Low Profile TV Wall Mount

Tilting Wall Mount Best for Big Screen TV


  • Tilting Wall Mount
  • Screen Size: 22-55 inch
  • VESA: 200×200, 400×400, 400×200, 300×300
  • Model: 2252 T

This is a tilting heavy duty wall mount from ZIPP. 

After low-end fixed wall mount, tilting mount comes which allow rotation of the TV vertically be some degrees.

This mount allows tilting up or down by 12 degrees.

It is compatible with TV’s of screen size from 22 to 55 inches. This mount is a good and economical option for mounting a big size TV.

This is priced under ₹1200/-.

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Using this you can mount your TV too high on the wall if you want and adjust the screen downwards for better viewing.

There is nothing written about the maximum weight it can handle but it is not a big deal as modern TVs are flat and lightweight.

Even big size TV’s of 50-inch weigh under 15kgs.

  • High Quality and Durable
  • Long Lasting Wall Mount
  • Can mount big TVs of 50 inches

3. TANOTIS Dual Arm Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Best Full motion TV Mount


  • Universal Full Motion Wall Mount
  • Screen Size: 32-55 inches
  • Max Capacity: 50kg
  • TV to Wall Distance: 64-510 mm
  • Model: TAN WVM 55B 600156

This is a complete full motion TV wall mount from TANOTIS.

If you are looking for complete control over the alignment of TV then this is the best option.

However this is costly too and is priced under ₹3,000/-

Using this you can tilt or swivel the TV. The biggest advantage of this type of mount is you can mount your TV in the corner of a wall or room and still view the screen from any spot of the room.

This is a universal mount so no need to worry about its compatibility with your TV.

You can easily mount a 32 to 55 inches TV with this. It can handle a maximum weight of 50kgs.

Mounting a TV using this type of wall mount is a little difficult so it is better you take professional help.

  • Highly Flexible
  • Universal Wall Mount
  • Allows movement of TV in various ways
  • Expensive

4. Model-P4 6 Way Swivel Tilt Full Motion Cantilever

Budget-Friendly Alternative for Full Motion Mount


  • Full Motion Cantilever Mount
  • Screen Size: 32-55 inches
  • VESA: 100×100, 200×200, 300×300, 400×400

This is a full motion cantilever mount which also can be used as a full motion mount. 

Though not as good as dual arm full motion wall mount but it does the job well.

Due to its small form factor, and less parts used, its price is also low. This is priced around ₹1500/-.

This is a budget-friendly alternative to a full motion wall mount.

The TV mounted using this can also tilt or swivel. One good point about this product is it consumes very less space in the wall due to its small form factor.

Do make sure that the dimension of your TV’s hole pattern is square as this mount only supports 100×100 mm, 200×200 mm, 300x300mm ,400x400mm.

  • Small Form Factor
  • Budget-Friendly Alternative
  • Highly Flexible
  • Takes less wall space

Wrapping UP

All the prices mentioned here are true at the time of writing. However prices tend to change with time. So if you find the price different from mentioned here then it’s not my fault.

With this I end my best wall mount article. 

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