Best TV Brands in India 2020 [#4 is Best Indian Brand]

When buying a TV we have to look for several aspects of a product. One major aspect is the brand that manufactures it.

Buying from a good brand is very crucial if we want a good product that is durable and lasts at least 5-10 years.

There are many benefits of buying from a reputable brand like

  • High Resell Value
  • Better Service
  • Durability
  • Good Picture Quality
  • Screen free from defects – dead pixels, bleeding, scratches.

How to choose a Good brand

best tv brand

Look for reviews of different brand’s products online. Compare them by their rating and number of reviews.

Ask in your friend-circle or from colleagues. Ask them which brand they prefer the most and why.

Go to different shops where TVs are sold. Ask the salesman or the owner which brand is the best in terms of quality or budget.

Or If you do not want all this hassle, then refer to this article.

In this post, I have listed down all the top LED TV brands in India.

The listing provided here is based on my own experience, liking and assumptions. No brand has endorsed me to make any listing appear higher.

1. Sony – Best Picture Quality

  • Established In: 1946
  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
  • Indian Market Share: 9 %

Sony is associated with the best picture quality in the market for years now.

The company sells its TVs under the brand name of Bravia. The Bravia TV picture engine – X Reality pro is known for producing the best visuals in the market.

Its TVs are good in terms of panel quality and durability and last longer – approximately 6-10 years.

Most of its models have the basic HDR 10 support and Dolby audio.

Technology innovations include its own Triluminos panel that is a type of LCD panel that uses quantum dots. For reducing motion blur in the picture it uses a picture processing technique which is named as Motionflow XR

Sony does not have its own OS, it uses Android OS which provides google playstore and google assistant access.

Sony is a premium brand, its Bravia TVs are priced higher than other budget-friendly brands. The picture quality it features justifies its pricing.

2. Samsung – Best Overall

  • Established In: 1938
  • Headquarters: South Korea
  • Indian Market Share: 10 %

Who does not know about Samsung? 

What does it not make?

From ACs, fridge, phones, laptops, LCD panels, SSDs, cameras and TVs, it has taken a significant chunk of market share in every sector.

It is one of the premium brands in India and with time it has brought several innovations in technology.

Though its market share in India has decreased due to the availability of cheaper LCD TVs from Chinese brands, still it is the biggest seller of TVs worldwide.

It is known for its own TV innovationQLED TVs that use quantum dots. Samsung made QLED TVs to give competition to LG’s OLED TVs.

Though QLED panel is not as good as OLED panel for producing deeper blacks but it can produce higher levels of brightness,

The 4K AI upscaling feature in its Tizen OS enables non-4K content to look close to 4K.

It has its own Tizen OS which is a Linux-based, lightweight operating system that consumes less processing power and RAM. The biggest advantage of Tizen OS is, the interface is very simple to use.

Samsung TVs are a little high on the price scale from budget-friendly brands.

3. LG – Makes OLED TVs

  • Established In: 1958
  • Headquarters: South Korea
  • Indian Market Share: 14 %

Also one of the premium brands along with Samsung and Sony.

Features top-quality TVs.

It is the mass manufacturer of OLED TVs which are the only type of TV that offers the best picture quality with very high viewing angles.

The OLED panel is one of the great innovations in the television industry, It features a very high contrast ratio and allows the TV to be slimmer in terms of form factor. These TVs are the most expensive ones.

LG TVs do not support HDR 10+ but have Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support.

Web OS is LG’s own operating system that it uses in its TVs. It is a lightweight, Linux-based OS.

It offers budget-friendly TVs along with premium OLED TVs. LG TVs are not as expensive as other premium brands but still it is slightly high on the price scale.

4. VU – Best Indian Brand

  • Established In: 2006
  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Indian Market Share: 5 %

Here comes the best Indian TV brand VU Technologies.

The company sells TVs in two categories. One is the VU Premium TV category and the second is the VU Cinema TV category.

You can choose from various screen sizes in both categories.

Premium TV features a VA panel while Cinema TV has an IPS panel. Both panels are good in terms of picture quality.

Made in India & Budget Friendly

Recently its sales sky-rocketed and after the promotion of make in India and banning several Chinese apps by the government the company’s future seems bright.

All its TV comes with Android OS which enables one to use playstore and google assistant.

The price of its TV suits Indian users being on the lower side.

5. Xiaomi Mi – Best Chinese Brand

  • Established In: 2010
  • Headquarters: Beijing, China
  • Indian Market Share: 27 %

Xiaomi is a Chinese MNC that makes a variety of products from phones, TVs, Laptops, earphones, etc

It is already the leader in the smartphone sector with the highest market share.

Not only that It is also the leader in the television sector with a 27% market share in India.

That’s a high number.

Surely the quality and features it mixes with low pricing make its TVs the top-selling TV in India.

All MI TVs come with Android OS in it with Xiaomi’s unique interface called Patchwall UI.

When compared to premium brands you can get 50-60 inch 4K MI TV and for the same price you may get a 39-48 inch TV with or without 4K in premium brands. 

MI TVs were the first smart TVs in India that were budget-friendly and resonated with customers needs

6. Onida – Indian Brand

  • Established In: 1981
  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Indian Market Share: 2-3 %

Another Indian brand that makes somewhat good TVs.

The best thing about Onida TVs is that they are Made In India.

Based in Mumbai the company manufactures various types of electrical appliances like washing machines, microwaves, projectors, etc along with TVs.

Onida TVs are budget-friendly and suitable for consumer’s needs.

You will find online many of its TV with Fire OS which gives the same features and feel as a fire TV stick offers.

7. TCL – Chinese Brand

  • Established In: 1981
  • Headquarters: China
  • Indian Market Share: 8 %

A Chinese company that makes TVs and other electronic goods.

One of the largest Manufacturer of TVs worldwide

In 2019, TCL rose from 3rd to 2nd in the global TV market share.

It offers budget-friendly TVs suitable for Indian consumers and is good in terms of picture quality.

TCL TVs offer very good value for what it charges. It does not offer any premium TV features.

You can find Android OS on its TV which makes tons of apps available to be downloaded from google playstore.

Its after-sales service is not as good as other brands.

Market Share Source: Livemint

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