Apple Watch Series 8 may be able to tell the presence of fever

Next Apple Watch will reportedly include sensors for body temperature that will notify you if you’re suffering from fever, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. It’s possible that the Series 8 won’t provide an exact measurement, however, it might send a warning that asks you to consult an ophthalmologist or consult an appropriate thermometer.

It’s not the first Gurman to bring up possibilities of Series 8 including a temperature sensor. He first suggested that Apple was developing the feature in June of 2021, stating that it was likely to be released with Apple’s 2022 wearable line-up. The company’s CEO retracted his prediction in January, advising users that monitoring blood sugar was among the aforementioned options that were just some time from being available.

But, a few years later, Gurman declared that his Series 8 would include a body temperature sensor, if that the feature met Apple’s own internal testing guidelines. In the most recent issue in his Power On newsletter, Gurman claims that it’s “a move” for the regular Series 8 and the oft-rumored tough edition Apple is developing for those who compete in extreme sports.

Gurman states that there will be other modifications in his Series 8 “will probably be minimal.” In a repeating his report from the previous week, he suggests that the wearable will have the same level of processing that those in the Series 7 and Series 6. Gurman also says that more expensive Series 8 models could include an upgraded display. Another model that is said to not have many improvements are the new generation AirPods Pro. Gurman says that they will not feature cardiovascular or temperature monitors which was suggested by several reports. “I’m informed that neither of these features is expected to be included in the 2022 upgrade however both enhancements have been considered by the company and could be implemented in the near future,” he says.

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