28 percent of Americans aren’t yet ready to buy an EV

More than a quarter Americans think they wouldn’t purchase an electric car According to an Consumer Reports survey released on Thursday.

Cost, range, and access to charging stations are still viewed as the primary obstacles to purchasing an electric vehicle. However, Consumer Reports has identified a new problem: a insufficient understanding of EVs.

The survey of 8,027 adult respondents found that 14% of them would certainly lease or purchase an electric-only vehicle. 57% would be interested in one and 28% aren’t thinking of purchasing an electric-only car. Education, income and age levels were correlated with the desire for a vehicle.

Lack of awareness of the available tax incentives, their environmental impact, as well as the way an EV operates is a major aspect in EV adoption in the survey. About fifty percent of Americans (46 percent) are unaware of incentives for EV owners.

“Some of us are unsure regarding the transition to electric cars, because many of us aren’t familiar with the concept,” said Dr. Quinta Warren the executive director for sustainability policies at Consumer Reports. “Expanding the options for charging and increasing incentives, in conjunction with education programs and getting more people to try EVs personally, could all aid in accelerating adoption.”

If asked to list the most important three worries about leasing or purchasing an EV 61% of respondents stated they were worried about charging and charging procedures 55% of respondents said they were concerned about how many miles the vehicle could travel before it is charged, and 52% of respondents mentioned the expenses associated with purchasing or maintaining an EV.

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