NASA’s CAPSTONE satellite breaks the Earth’s orbit, and then heads towards the Moon.

The grand scheme to bring humanity back to the Moon for the first time nearly after fifty years has made another leap towards. the 55-pound Capstone (Cislunar Automated Positioning Systems Technology Operation and Navigation) cubesat has escaped the confines of the orbit of Earth and is headed towards the Moon. Rocket Lab launched CAPSTONE on … Read more

British Army Twitter as well as YouTube accounts were compromised to help promote crypto-scams

The British army is looking into the possibility of hacking following the revelation that their officially-owned Twitter as well as YouTube account was compromised last Sunday. The breach first came out via Web3 is Going Well. The blog claims that both accounts were compromised in order to spread two different crypto-related scams. Although it’s been … Read more

Apple Watch Series 8 may be able to tell the presence of fever

Next Apple Watch will reportedly include sensors for body temperature that will notify you if you’re suffering from fever, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. It’s possible that the Series 8 won’t provide an exact measurement, however, it might send a warning that asks you to consult an ophthalmologist or consult an appropriate thermometer. It’s not … Read more

Tesla delivered around 2.5 Lakh electric vehicles in 2nd quarter this year

According to a consensus analysis compiled by the FactSet-owned Street Account analysts, they were anticipating deliveries of 256,520 cars for the quarter. The period was characterized by Covid restrictions as well as supply chain delays. electronic chip, and various component shortages. In the year prior, Tesla delivered 201,250 vehicles during the second quarter. It was … Read more

Biden to award posthumous Medal of Freedom to Steve Jobs

Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Vice President Joe Biden on Friday announced the names of 17 winners from the Presidential Medal of Freedom, including Steve Jobs, the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. This is the nation’s most prestigious civilian award in addition, The White House said the recipients “embody the soul of the nation.” Jobs was … Read more

Now Pay for gas Using Apple’s App CarPlay

Image: Apple Apple is planning to make its CarPlay App capable to pay for gas. THe company has unveiled a significant update for CarPlay due later in the year, In the meantime the tech giant has started working with partners to implement an innovative feature that allows users to pay for gas right inside the … Read more

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