What is the Use of HDMI port in TV

What is the use of an HDMI port in a TV? But before this we need to know what is HDMI.

HDMI stands for “High Definition MultiMedia Interface”

A HDMI port is a simple port provided in devices like a TV, which is used to connect TV to other devices for transmitting video or audio data. 

A HDMI cable is needed to connect two devices via a HDMI port.

This cable is the ‘cable of choice’ in the home entertainment sector

Use of HDMI Ports in TV

1) For Connecting a Laptop

You can connect a Laptop to a TV using an HDMI port using a HDMI cable. The TV and Laptop both should have a HDMI port. 

Just Connect one end to TV and another end to Laptop.

After connecting, the Laptop display will start displaying the same on the TV screen.

You can play games, watch movies, show presentations at work. Mostly used for giving presentations at work 

2) For Connecting a DVD/Blu-ray player

Can be used to connect your TV via a DVD/Blu-ray Player through HDMI cable. Mostly used in a home theatre or gaming consoles

3) Connecting Set-Top Box to TV

Can be used to connect TV to a Set-Top Box, you can stream or watch the subscribed channels. 

A Set-Top Box may or may not always have a HDMI port, a RCA connector is used for connection if no HDMI port is available.

4) Connecting Gaming Consoles

Several Gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox have HDMI ports available to connect it to a TV or a monitor.

The port on the console acts as an output source while the TV port acts as an input source.

Playing games on a large screen gives breathtaking experience.

5) Connecting to Home Theatre

A Home Theatre  consists of a Video Display, a sound system or sound bar.

The HDMI feature on the TV allows transfer of audio from TV to a HDMI equipped home theatre.

It gives the best audio from the TV set.

Wrapping Up

These were the uses of HDMI port in a Television

If you are looking to buy a HDMI cable for use, make sure the cable length is appropriate according to your need.

I hope you found this post informative. 

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