Best TV under 40000 (LED, Smart, 4K TV)

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This is a curated list of the best 4K TV under 40000 available in India which is made after thorough market research from various portals. I only put the best products in my list. In this price range, you will easily get 4K TVs with HDR support. Sizes will range from 40-55 inches. You can … Read more

Best 4K TV under 50000 (Quick Guide)

TV under 50000

Looking for a television for your home entertainment? Have a budget of 50000 rupees? Do you need the best TV? If you have all these questions and are looking for some suggestions regarding the best 4K TV under 50000 in India then you are on the right page.  In this price range, you will find … Read more

OLED vs QLED | Which is better

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Home entertainment and TVs have seen a big advancement in technology in the past decades. The newer TVs coming nowadays can give you the cinema-hall like feeling at your home. The most important aspect of a TV is its picture quality which depends on the display panel used in it or the actual technology used … Read more

Best led TV under 15000 in India

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₹15,000 is the most competitive and budget-friendly range to buy a TV in India In this post, I have compiled a list of best LED TVs under 15000. All the TVs in the list are the latest models available in the market What to expect in 15000 budget There are two options either buy a … Read more

Best TV under 30000 (Quick Guide)

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Are you planning to buy a smart TV and your budget is around 30000 Then you have landed on the right page I have done thorough market research and compiled a list of best TV under 30000 in India for you.  These TVs are not owned by me. I have asked the owners of the … Read more

5 Best Smart TV under 20000

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Looking for the best smart TV under 20000 in India. After the 15000 price mark 20000 is the price where TVs are sold the most. These price ranges are budget-friendly for Indian consumers. We are seeing the Indian TV market flooded by new Chinese companies year by year. They have brought us a lot of … Read more