How to Install 3rd party apps on LG Smart TV

lg smart tv

LG and Samsung both are leaders in the TV market for overall TV quality and especially picture quality. But with quality, buyers also worry due to their Tizen and WebOS operating system which is similar to Android but not the same. Due to their operating system’s limited features and availability of limited apps. You are … Read more

How to use TV as Monitor (Wired Solution)

use tv as monitor

When we look at a monitor and a LED TV. It seems so similar.  Both are screens one is smaller another is bigger. Both are flat from sideways This makes us wonder when working on our computer or Laptop.  Why I should have a separate Monitor. I have a big TV at home. I should … Read more

HDMI vs Mini HDMI vs Micro HDMI

hdmi vs mini hdmi vs micro hdmi

What is HDMI What is the difference between mini HDMI and micro HDMI  Let’s find A decade ago when HD or lower resolution was the standard of video content we had different types of cables for connecting various devices together like RCA cable, AVI cable, DVI cable, etc These ‘N’ number of different cables was … Read more

Do we need stabilizer for LED TV

stabilizer for led tv

If you live in India Then you must be worried about the voltage fluctuations and power surge seen at times. High voltage fluctuations and power surges can damage your home appliances including LED TV. The internal circuit of your TV can fry making it non-functional.   It can cost you a lot of money if your … Read more

How to make Normal TV into a Smart TV

make normal tv smart

Gone are the days when people used cable connections to watch Television shows. Now are the days of netflix, prime, youtube, hotstar, etc But to watch this OTT content your old normal TV will not suffice. You need a smart TV with smart TV features. Price of a smart TV starts from 10,000 and goes … Read more