How to connect Phone To TV without WiFi


You cannot connect your phone to your smart TV wirelessly for screen mirroring without using the home Wi-Fi router. There is only one wireless option which is using “Wi-Fi direct” on both devices. Other ways include wired options like using an “MHL cable” or “Type-C to HDMI” adapter.

So you want to connect your phone to your TV without using the home Wi-Fi.


Maybe you want to watch family photos on the TV 

or want to watch Netflix using your phone 

or want to play games directly on the TV.

In short, you want to screen mirror your phone to the TV.

Can you do it without using the home Wi-Fi router?

Let’s see.

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Screen Mirroring and Screencast

screen mirroring phone on the tv

Both the options require your TV and the phone to connect to a Wi-Fi router or access point.

For screen mirroring it does not require the Wi-Fi router to be connected to the internet.

But in screencast, you may require an internet connection when using video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, etc

You can use an MHL cable

“This is a phone to TV wired solution using phone’s USB”

MHL is an interface that allows the connection of a portable device like a phone or a tablet to a TV.

MHL cable’s one end is a micro-USB connector and another end is an HDMI connector

Just connect its one end to your phone and another end to the TV’s HDMI port. 

You will also need to change the input setting for your TV to HDMI.

In case you have more than one HDMI port on your TV you will need to select the right HDMI input from the TV’s setting.

Your phone screen will start to appear on the TV display as it is.

Problem with MHL cable

Not all phones support MHL and there is a high chance your phone too does not support this.

Use Type-C USB to HDMI adapter

type-c to hdmi adapter

“Best Wired Solution”

Nowadays many modern phones are shipped with a Type-C USB port.

Benefits of Type-C USB port

  • Fast Charging
  • High Data Transfer

Type-C port is becoming more and more popular and in the near future we may see this on every device like a phone, tablet, laptop, or TV.

If your phone has a Type-C USB port.

Then you need a “Type-C USB to HDMI” adapter and an HDMI cable to connect your phone to the TV.

Use WiFi Direct

peer to peer connection

“Wireless Solution”

Wi-Fi direct is a type of wireless “peer-to-peer” connection that allows two devices to connect directly without the need for any intermediate access point or router.

Almost all smartphones have a “Wi-Fi Direct” setting but not every TV will support this “Wi-Fi Direct” setting.

But if your smart TV does then using this you can connect your phone to the TV without using a home Wi-Fi router.

How to check if my TV supports Wi-Fi Direct?

Check the settings, the user manual, the TV specifications, or contact the company.

The procedure for connecting a phone to a TV using this method will vary from model to model. 

You will have to figure it out, you can check the TV user manual.

How to connect iPhone to TV without Wi-Fi

In the case of Apple devices like iPhone, iPad.

You can use Apple’s lightning to digital AV adapter.

With this, you will also need an HDMI cable. This cable will be connected to one end of the adapter.

Another side of the adapter will connect with the iPhone.

This will make the iPhone screen mirror on the TV. 

You can watch all the streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, etc


All the above explained methods are for connecting your phone to your TV without Wi-Fi.

Smart TVs are prevalent in the market.

And All smart TVs support wireless connection. Often these require an access point like a Wi-Fi router.

However, if you have a normal non-smart TV at home then you can use media streaming devices to make it smart.

Smart TV and OTT content is the future of home entertainment.

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