How to connect Mobile to non-Smart TV (Wired & Wireless)

There are two types of TV available on the market. 

One is the Smart TV and the other one is Non-Smart TV.

Connecting a Mobile to a Smart TV is easy and does not require an external cable or extra device to use.

But When it comes to a Non-Smart TV, it does not have any built-in feature and it cannot be connected to a Phone directly.

In this article, I have listed 6 ways using which you can connect your smartphone to your non-smart TV. 

why connect mobile to led tv

For Screencasting or screen mirroring. You may need to cast movies or youtube videos. OR want to give a presentation at your work 

You may want to play games or videos on your tv directly from your smartphone.

OR You want to play Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar and other streaming apps on it.

Casting vs Mirroring

The term ‘casting’ comes from google chrome cast device which was built to play and stream video and movies from phone to tv.

In casting, a video is cast on tv from an app on mobile, i.e the video is downloaded to chrome cast which further plays on tv.

While in mirroring the mobile screen is mirrored to the tv. In this case, if you want to play a video, it runs on both tv and mobile. The video needs to be kept running on the mobile. If the battery goes, the video on tv will also stop.

In the next section, I have listed some wired and wireless options for you to connect your phone to your led TV. All these options require a HDMI port in your TV.

6 ways to connect mobile to TV

Here We consider that your device is a non-smart TV.

A non-smart TV will be the one that does not have built-in wifi in it.

#1. Using ‘Google ChromeCast’ (Wireless)

You can cast your device screen to your TV using Google ChromeCast. There can be two scenarios here – your device has built-in screencast option or your tv has no screencast option

If you have a built-in screen cast option. Enable it and also enable screencast option on your mobile via the settings.

If you do not have a built-in screencast option or your tv is too old. Then you can buy a Google ChromeCast Streaming Device.


ChromeCast Device, TV and Mobile must be connected to the same Wi-Fi

Here is a video of a ChromeCast 3. This video guides you on how to use ChromeCast Device.

-> Insert the Google ChromeCast Device to your TV’s HDMI port.

-> Install Google Home on your Android device.

-> Go to ‘Set up device’, select ‘new device’, select ChromeCast. A PIN would prompt on the TV and the same on the mobile. enter yes and select other details.

-> ChromeCast is now set up. You can now cast youtube, Netflix videos to your TV or play games.

#2. Using ‘AnyCast device’ (Wireless)

Not Recommended, It is a copy of the original Google ChromeCast at a cheaper rate.

Very good for screen mirroring, but not a good option to cast video and does not support Netflix, amazon prime.

It is cheaper compared to Google ChromeCast.

-> Connect ‘AnyCast’ device to the HDMI port of the TV

-> Select HDMI option in TV, Enable MiraCastMode

-> Go to Screen Cast option in your mobile, connect it to miracast

-> The phone display will start mirroring to your TV screen

#3. Use Amazon Fire TV stick (Wireless)

Highly Recommended 

Using this device you can not only screencast your phone to TV but also can convert your Non-Smart TV to a Smart TV. You can use various streaming apps like Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, Voot, etc

Here is a vide guide to connect phont to tv usin fire tv stick

-> Connect your Fire Stick to the HDMI port in the TV, use the remote given with it for controls.

-> On Powering your TV, you will see various streaming apps on your TV.

-> Using remote, Go to settings and then ‘Display and Sounds’ option. And Enable ‘Display Mirroring’ Option. After this don’t click anything or the screen sharing mode will be disabled.

-> Enable Screen Casting in your phone through settings.

-> The Screen Mirroring will start, your phone screen will be displayed on your TV.

#4. Using MHL Micro USB to HDMI Cable (Wired)

This option is not recommended and Many phones do not support MHL

But if your phone supports MHL and has a micro-USB, and you want an easy and cheap solution, then you can have a look at MHL Micro USB to HDMI cable.

You just need it to connect one end to HDMI port in your TV and another end to your phone 

#5. Type-C to HDMI Adapter (Wired)

If you have a Type-C port in your mobile. Then this is a viable, wired solution for you

The adapter would connect your phone and would need a HDMI cable to connect the adapter to the HDMI port of the TV.

#6. Use MI 4K Box Media Streaming Devie (Wireless)

Highly Recommended

This device is similar to Amazon Firetv stick using which you can convert your Non Smart TV to a Smart TV.

It also has screen cast and screen mirror option that alows you to connect your phone to your TV wirelessly.

In terms of features it is better than the firestick and is cheaper too. The best part of it is, it has Android OS

Wrapping Up

Here I gave several ways to connect your smartphone to a TV(Non-Smart). 

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