5 Best Smart TV under 20000

Looking for the best smart TV under 20000 in India.

After the 15000 price mark 20000 is the price where TVs are sold the most.

These price ranges are budget-friendly for Indian consumers. We are seeing the Indian TV market flooded by new Chinese companies year by year.

They have brought us a lot of options to choose from. Companies like Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus which have already dominated the Indian mobile market have now entered into TVs.

Before deciding upon the right smart TV. I have put the minimum criteria you must consider in a TV.

Minimum Requirement

  • 32 inch Screen Size
  • Must have Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • HD Ready
  • Under 20k

Best Smart TV under 20000 (at a glance)

At the end of this article, I have listed a Quick Buyer Guide for buying the right smart TV under 20 thousand rupees. Do have a look before buying a TV.

Best Smart TV under 20k

1. Mi TV 4A PRO 80 cm – Best Overall

Key Specs

  • Size: 32 inches
  • Resolution: HD Ready
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • OS: Android 9.0
  • Audio: 20Watt
  • Warranty:1 year

This is the overall best led smart TV that you will find under 20k price if you are looking for a 32 inch TV.

Users are already accustomed to Mi as it is already the leader in the smartphone industry in India

You will find many Chinese TVs in the Indian market which may be comparable or even good from this TV. But in terms of after-sales service and customer service, MI is at the top. Other Chinese companies have very poor customer service

It is the best budget smart tv in India along with VU TV.

Display & Picture Quality

It comes in two variants – 43 inches and 32 inches in size. You can check these variants as both are the same in specs.

Do make sure to sit at least 1.2 times the screen size of your TV to get the maximum video quality. If your room is too small, there is no benefit of having a bigger 43 inch TV

It has an HD Ready resolution of (1380×720)

The screen is an IPS panel with wide viewing angles. The whole family can enjoy TV time at dinner

Has 178 degrees wide viewing angles, enjoy tv whether you sit at front or side-ways. The picture quality does not degrade too much. 

The company claims to have an ultra-bright display.

Being an IPS panel screen, it is best in overall quality. The colors are vivid and dynamic.


Comes with WI-Fi b/g/n bands of frequency, ensuring high-speed streaming services.

It has 3 HDMI ports to connect your home theatre or gaming console or set-top box. Other than that it has 2 USB ports. 

For mirroring and screencast, you get built-in Google Chromecast. Having a good processor in it, its 43-inch variant is best for using in offices for presentations.


It has Android 9.0 with Patchwall 3.0 UI. It comes pre-installed with apps like netflix, prime, hotstar, etc.

You get to choose from 20+ streaming services like netflix, amazon prime, youtube, zee5, sony liv, AMP live, Voot, MX players and many more.

With Android, you get the power of PlayStore and google assistant.

Other Features

It has 20W speakers with Dolby Audio and DTS support. 20W is ample for sound but for better, cinematic and sporty experience connect it to a home theatre or soundbar.

It is lightweight and sturdy, weighs only 4kg. It is a plastic build with a plastic stand. 

Can also be used to play low-end games using your phone. The refresh rate is the standard 60Hz

For processing, it has A53 quad-core processor with 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. Applies AI and imaging techniques to reduce distortions and noise in the picture.

  • Overall Good Picture Quality
  • HDMI ARC Port Available
  • Good Contrast
  • Average Audio Quality

2. Vu 108cm (43 inches) FHD – Best Picture Quality

Key Specs

  • Size: 43 inches
  • Resolution: full HD
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • OS: Android 9.0
  • Audio: 24Watt
  • Warranty:1 year

This is the best android TV under 20000 list with great contrast ratio and picture quality.

None in this list comes close in terms of picture quality when compared to this smart TV.

You will see many Chinese TV’s on Amazon, Flipkart and in the offline market selling like crazy. VU is the only Indian company that manufactures amazing TV, also VU TVs have seen massive growth in terms of sales.

The one who owns this TV can proudly say ‘Made in Bharat’.


The TV screen is 43 inches in size, which is good in terms of size. Watching sports and movies is great in this size. You get a cinematic feel while watching movies.

Make sure to sit at least 50 inches far from the screen.

You get an A + grade VA panel. Best for watching cinematic movies in dark lighting. 

At this price range, you get full HD resolution TV (1920 x 1080) which is value for money

Picture Quality

Being a VA panel, the contrast ratio is amazing. The picture clarity and sharpness are very good.

It may suffer degraded picture quality when viewed from sideways. Make sure to watch the TV from the front.

The brightness is good. Has adaptive contrast to adjust the contrast ratio based on the picture shown.

Digital MPEG Noise reduction technology in this TV removes distorted areas of the image providing clearer transitions. May not always enhance the video, sometimes it can lead to poor video quality. Check the picture quality with and without Noise reduction ON


TV remote, Wi-FI, Bluetooth is there to control and stream video services.

Has built-in google Chromecast to mirror or cast your phone.

Ample ports for HDMI and USB are provided. You get 1 normal HDMI port, 1 HDMI ARC ports and 2 USB ports.

Connect your Bluetooth speakers, headphone or gaming console using the Bluetooth 5.0 provided on the TV. 


Comes with Android 9.0 and pre-installed apps like netflix, amazon prime.

Android gives you access to PlayStore to download google home, google games and google movies. 

It has 8GB storage for downloading tons of apps and games.

Other Features

Has dual speakers with 12W each in power, audio is loud and clear. Comes with Dolby Audio and boosted DTS studio sound.

The refresh rate is normal 60Hz, it also has gaming mode in it to play games connecting your phone or PC.

Also has Cricket Mode in it to enhance the visibility of cricket matches.

Sturdy and Plastic build, comes in black color with a normal weight of 9.5 kgs.

It comes with Cortex A53 quad-core processor and Mali 470 dual-core GPU. It has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage

  • Cinematic Viewing Experience
  • Best Picture Quality
  • High Contrast Ratio
  • Gaming, PC and Cricket Mode
  • Moderate Viewing Angles

3. Samsung 32 inches HD Ready Smart LED TV UA32T4350AKXXL – Best Brand

Key Specs

  • Size: 32 inches
  • Resolution: HD Ready
  • OS: Tizen
  • Audio: 20Watt
  • Warranty:1 year

Samsung is the leading brand along with LG in the Television industry. Samsung has always been ahead of its competitors in the TV market.

If you want a good TV associated with a good brand, you can check this Samsung led TV model UA32T4350AKXXL

It is the best Samsung TV under 20000 price.

Display & Picture Quality

This Samsung TV has HD ready Resolution(1366 x 768p) which is fine for 32-inch screen size. Though it for better picture quality it would be better to have a full HD display of 1080p resolution

The company does not have disclosed the screen panel used here. But let’s assume it is an IPS panel which is majorly used by every manufacturer in TVs.

This panel gives you good wide viewing angles so that the picture quality does not degrade when viewed from sides. 

Best to have for enjoying with family and friends. 

The picture quality is vivid and crisp with an ultra-clean view. The system uses advanced algorithms to reduce distortion.

An important highlight is the HDR feature in it, which no other TV gives you at this price range. The HDR feature increases the contrast ratio and color spectrum of the TV.


A TV remote, Wi-FI, Bluetooth is there to control and stream video services.

Has built-in cast feature to live cast your phone screen

You get 2 normal HDMI ports, 1 USB port for connecting set-top box or console and storage devices respectively


The Samsung TV comes with Tizen OS which is a Linux-based operating system similar to android.

You can connect to the internet for surfing the web and checking social media.

Apps like netflix and amazon prime are pre-installed. Apps are limited but you get all the necessary ones for video streaming services

Other Features

Has personal computer mode and game mode for connecting to your laptop and google cloud storage for accessing docs and for gaming respectively

For processing, it has Mali 400 graphics and 20w speaker with Dolby Digital for sound which is moderately loud.

It is very lightweight and weighs 3.8kgs only.

  • Reputable Brand
  • Simple Interface
  • Good Picture Quality
  • HDR
  • Fewer Apps

4. Onida 32 Inches Fire TV Edition HD Ready Smart IPS LED TV Honorable Mention

Key Specs

  • Size: 32 inches
  • Resolution: HD Ready
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • OS: Fire TV
  • Audio: 16Watt
  • Warranty:1 year

Onida is also an Indian company based in Mumbai that manufactures electronics and home appliances

The Onida smart led TV is also a good TV that is why it’s on our 4th list.


This Onida TV has a screen size of 32 inches. The display screen is an IPS panel that ensures wide viewing angles.

Good for a family of four. Enjoy dinner time at night watching your favourite shows like tarak mehta.

It is a HD Ready TV of resolution (1366 x 768), which is what you get in the Rs 20000 range

Picture Quality

Features great picture quality, has a high contrast ratio to offer more vividity to the scenes.  

Onida has used their out-of-the-box Lucent Picture Engine technology to deliver deeper contrast, exceptional color and depth in the image 


Has both Wi-Fi dual-band and Bluetooth for connecting the internet and smart devices.

Comes with 3 HDMI ports for connecting your blu-ray players, gaming consoles or set-top box and 1 USB port for storage devices.

One thing to notice here is that the ports are placed behind. So if you wall-mount your TV, then it will be difficult to use the ports.

Also has a LAN port for cable internet connection

Has screencast and screen mirroring feature to use with your phone or laptop.


Ships with FireTV Operating System which is an Android look-alike OS. 

Has all streaming services available like zee5, sony liv, hotstar, netflix, amazon prime, etc

Can be used with alexa for voice control.

Other Features

For processing, it is powered by a multi-core processor and MALI GPU with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

You can play low-end games on this TV using your phone connecting it with screen mirroring. 

It has dual-speakers of 8W each in power. The sound is not very loud but is fine, you can always connect a speaker, soundbar, or home theater for a stunning audio experience.

The company claims to give a premium theatre-like vivid sound with its Dolby and DTS TruSurround feature

It weighs 4.5 kg 

  • Great User Interface
  • Good Picture Quality
  • Good Contrast Ratio
  • Fewer Apps

5. LG 32 inches HD Ready Smart LED TV 32LM563BPTC – Honorable Mention

Key Specs

  • Size: 32 inches
  • Resolution: HD Ready
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • OS: Web OS
  • Audio: Dual-Speaker(10Watt each)
  • Warranty:1 year

I have listed this LG TV on the 5th list. LG is the leader in the TV market along with Samsung. They are manufacturers of IPS panels.

The TVs manufactured by them are the best in the industry, TVs are durable and last longer.


You get a 32-inch screen display which is fine for the major Indian consumers. Make sure to sit at least 40-inch or 1 metre away from the TV screen for getting the optimum picture quality

The screen resolution is HD ready(720p) which is the least you can get. Full HD is better and will cost you more.

The screen is an IPS panel which reduces image distortion and degradation when viewed from the side.

Picture Quality

The picture quality is great on this LG smart TV.

At this price, you get Active HDR which enhances the contrast ratio, gives deep blacks, optimizes every scene for vividity and color

The dynamic color enhancer technology adjusts color for certain scenes to give the images a more realistic tone. The images appear more real.


It has Web OS, the in-house operating system of LG. 

You get all necessary apps for video streaming services like netflix, amazon prime, disney+hotstar, etc 

The interface provided on the TV has a home dashboard that can be used to connect other smart devices like alexa, echo dot, etc. 

All smart devices connected to the TV can be controlled from one single remote.


Has built-in Wi-Fi for internet usage but no Bluetooth.

You get 2 HDMI ports for connecting the set-top box, consoles, blu ray player. 1 USB port for connecting storage devices.

It also has an ethernet LAN cable.

You can mirror your phone on the TV but it has no screencast feature.

Other Features

It gives good sound quality from its down-firing speakers. It has dual speakers of 10W each. 

Has DTS Virtual X to give the amazing surround sound effect. For theater-like experience, it has dolby audio on the TV

It is powered by a quad-core processor with LG graphics and 4GB of storage.

It has a sturdy plastic build and weighs 6.3kg.

  • Great Picture Quality
  • Great Sound Quality
  • ACtive HDR
  • Fewer Apps
  • No ScreenCast

Quick Buying Guide for Budget Smart TV Under 20000

Choose the Panel – There are two screen panels available in TVs – VA panel and IPS panel. VA panel is better for watching cinematic movies in dark lighting while an IPS panel has better viewing angles which is best for an overall experience. Both are good in a certain scenario  

Choose the Resolution – Higher the Resolution, better the quality. Under the 20k price range, you will find most of the TVs with HD Ready resolution which is the lowest find in all types of devices. It would be better to have a full HD resolution TV for which you may have to invest more. 

Choose the Screen Size – You cannot buy a very big 50 inch TV to use in a tiny, small-sized room. You have to buy according to your room size. You have to always sit at least 1.2 times the screen size. So choose the screen size such that your room allows you to sit the required distance away from the TV.

Check the connectivity options – Every Smart TV will have Wi-Fi in it. But the number of HDMI ports, USB ports, availability of Bluetooth may vary. So check these according to your requirements before making the decision.

Check supported Apps – All major Smart TVs have netflix and amazon prime in it. Some may not support them. Double-check the apps support you want on your TV. While in the case of android TV you can rest assured as all android TV support major popular apps.

Research about the After Sales Service – With the rapidly changing world of technology, electronic devices are becoming obsolete within a few years. It has been observed that companies also are not making long-lasting durable devices. So it may happen that your TV may fail or malfunction without any reason. In this case, after-sales service can alone help you. If you buy some random unpopular Chinese brand TV. Then don’t expect good service support after the purchase. 

Refresh Rate does not matter – Refresh Rate comes into picture when you have to play games. TVs are not meant for playing games, they are designed to watch movies or tv serials. So no matter how low refresh rate a TV offers it does not matter. If you want to play games, buy a monitor instead of a TV

Final Thoughts

This was all about the best led smart tv under 20k along with a quick buyer’s guide.

Technology is changing rapidly, making new devices obsolete within a few years. So going for a better TV having better specs would be a good choice for your TV to withstand the force of time.

I would personally suggest you to buy a Samsung, LG or Sony TV which are reputable brands in the TV industry by paying the extra penny.

Unlike Chinese brands which are new in the industry and it is generally seen that their TVs are not as good as the reputable brands. Also, their after-sales service is poor.

I hope you found the right TV according to your requirements. If you are still confused as to what TV to choose then you may ask your query in the comments. I will try to help you.

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