About US

DisplayOwl is a blog on Television, Monitors, and types of Display. It brings its readers informative How-To Guides to make their life easy.

This site was founded in August 2020 when the owner Sunil Kumar Gupta took a decision to write on his favourite topic technology and gadgets. 

Mr. Sunil has more than 20+ years of experience working as a public servant. 

As you know the working structure of government institutions is very old with no use of computer and internet. The old-school way of using and maintaining books and logs is still followed.  

Mr. Sunil loves gadgets and the internet. After coming from his boring day job and on weekends, he studies different technologies and often writes blogs.

He has a knack for TVs and Monitors and can be often seen playing mobile & PC games.

Why US?

DisplayOwl is not a spammy website like others found on the web which have come into existence only to make money.

This blog focuses more on providing helpful articles rather than only giving the best list of gadgets.

When it comes to topic research and expertise, we do not copy from various different sources like others. We get our points tested from experts before we post on our website.